Here we have a very nice looking land rover series 109 Diesel

It started it’s life in the UK, was shipped to Zambia for the RedCross help and assembled at the Ndola assembly line.

First registered in 1971 it’s a late series 2a. Not many build and even fewer survived.And how did it survive. Let me fill you in on some datails: Still has it’s 2.25 liter diesel still running great. late S2a gearbox, all original Ndola extra details are there, 3 hinges on back door for rough terrain and  steering damper. About 86000 original miles

Most important of all,it has never been welded!! never! And still the frame is in excellent condition.After use till 1974 in Zambia it was driven all the way to the Netherlands by an employee of the red cross who was heading home and  refused a plane ticket and took the Land rover instead.In 75 it was sold to the owner i bought it from, He resprayed the whole car and preserved the frame for use in Holland with a good professional primer, Stored the car outside but under a roof which kept the car dry and if driven in wet weather conditions it  blew dry while standing under the wooden carport. That is what kept this car so nice and rust free. After using it for pure fun i bought this beauty  and used it for my pleasure and work for about 6 years, It always worked fine, sure with some TLC but always brought me where i needed to go and it pulled whatever it needed to pull.  I had the frame professionally sprayed with  body safe in and out so after all these years it’s still in amazing unwelded condition with no weak spots at all!

Sure it had some signs of use so after deciding i needed a more modern van for my work and this land rover had to go, i had it resprayed inside and put new cushions in so it looks fresh again.

A few more details: stainless steel exhaust, free wheeling hubs, steering damper, non sticky steering wheel,  very nice running diesel starts on the button, solid frame, very straight bodywork really amazing after all these years, tight steering, new brakes 1,5 years ago (not the cheap stuff but all high quality professional parts), new fluids all around. checked and cleaned glowing plugs, readjusted fuel pump, rear view camera, interior lights, interieur head storage room, rear vintage time related search light, almost as new tires all around, bonnet mounted spare tire bracket, rear door spare tire bracket, inside tub spare tire bracket, so 3 spare wheels can be taken! 2 types of pintle hooks, one normal and one turnable nato hitch. It will take any trailer. Glass all around for good overview and on top of that 5 rear view mirrors, 4 outside and one inside. flyscreens in the bulkhead, Alarm switch for indicators. window screen washer system, Tropical roof with 4 fresh air valves at the top, master ground key on seatbase, a second cable runs all to the rear toolbox to be able to mount a second battery for emergency startup or camping. fuel filler lock, sunscreens, front and rear mud flaps, one side and one rear folding step and even a cupholder. There is probably much more!

Sure it has it’s mark of use, it doesn’t look as new anymore. drips some oil and needs TLC now and then, but boy, if i did not have 2 more ( rarer) land rovers, i would not sell this one for  sure.Yes it’s RHD but let me tell you something, if you think about it a bit longer it has a few advantages above lhd . First you are on the side of where the bicycles are, so a short look out of your side window will give you a safe view of who’s riding beside your land rover. Getting out of your car is safer on the sidewalk side.Yes taking over another vehicle takes a bit of skill but old land rovers are not the fastest on the roads. This land Rover has window glass all around so a good overview is no problem, On top of that it has those 4 mirrors which each are set in a position that they give you a very safe view of that traffic situation.