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88 petrol lhd.
In 1969 when the headlights in the middle where under discussion and many countries wanted them on the wings.
Many just cut out holes in the wings and put an extra set of headlights in.
Land rover realized they had to do something so before the headlights moved over  to the late series 2a and series 3 look they made about 2500 BUGEYE’S
About 2000 where exported outside Europe and about 500   ( 109 and 88 )  where exported to Belgium and Holland so you can guess how many survived.
Small details  mark this vehicle as an Bugeye:
Grill slightly different, round early series 2/2a wings but with headlights, little reflectors all around .
This particular vehicle is colored with Shell colors and has a rare BENDIX vacuum brake system for trailers mounted so my guess is that it was used on shell grounds to pull large trailers with air brakes around.
No further history knows (yet).
The body panels are very straight for it’s age except for the roof top and door tops as some smart guy has lifted up the car using a cable through the door tops but it’s amazingly complete.

sorry the roof and sides are gone   to bad condition...

This car needs a full nut and bolt restoration and it deserves it as it is to rare to brake for parts.
No paperwork and frame is shot at the front so vin number cannot be read anymore  but original dash plate and matching tunnel data plate  are there, indicating exact the vehicle hardtop 88  1969 so  should be able to get it on papers again.
Who want’s to pickup the challenge!
Priced 2000,00 Euro. ONO

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